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For Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Motors, spares and repairs.

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Online Parts Store

Online Parts Store

12VDC Hydraulic P+T Circuit Power Pack

EUR 299.00

12VDC P + T ported power pack

2.1cc/rev gear pump

1.6kw 12VDC electric motor c/w relay and plastic motor cover

4.5 Litre or 8.0 Litre reservoir c/w drain plug

Power pack complete with suction strainer, return oil conveyor and filler breather

Horizontal mounting

Max pressure 200 bar

Relief valve set at 160 bar but adjustable from 40-200 bar as standard

Max flow 5 l/min

Relief valve and P line check

Port size 3/8" BSP

Ideal for all applications where valves are already present and all that is needed is pressure and tank ports

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